Sunday, July 5, 2009

Michael Jackson Investigation

As investigators continue to dig into the mystery of Michael Jackson's death, new details are emerging constantly. A Jackson family source confirmed to E! News that there were needle marks on the singer's body, consistent with tales of drug injections, and at least four of Jackson's former doctors are facing intense scrutiny.

The source also claims that police are probing at least two unidentified anesthesiologist who might have information about if and how the King of Pop was able to get his hands on the potent anesthetic Diprivan that was reportedly found at the mansion when he died.
LAPD detectives, who are being assisted by the DEA, have a special interest in questioning Beverly Hills dermatologist Arnold Klein and are still focusing on Dr. Conrad Murray, according to the source. Murray was with Jackson in his Holmby Hills Mansion at the time of his death, and has already been questioned by police.

The source also confirmed that needle marks were found on Jackson's body during the coroner's autopsy. While the source would not confirm where on the body the marks were, they were consistent with puncture wounds from injectable medications.
Jackson's family is still cooperating with police, according to the source.

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