Thursday, June 18, 2009

American actress Jennifer Aniston Fall in Love :Rate-a-Trailer

American actress Jennifer Aniston Fall in Love with Aaron Eckhart
In Jennifer Aniston's upcoming romantic drama Love Happens, she plays a florist who falls for a motivational speaker Aaron Eckhart. Watch the trailer (above) and tell Us below if you think the two have chemistry.
Then check out this trailer for Love Happens. How does a film with gorgeous, talented stars like Aniston and Aaron Eckhart come off so sad and dour? Sure, he plays a widower and there are lots of shots of Seattle gloom, but it's not like Angelina Jolie's in it, too.
Maybe the film is better than this makes it look—we do get a shot of a Twilight-looking forest and Eckhart's six-pack—but if it's all handheld cameras and pent-up grief we may let this one pass and just go pick up some magazines at the newstand instead

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