Sunday, June 20, 2010

No apology got Anelka the boot -World Cup 2010

French footballer Anelka was kicked out of the French squad on Saturday after insulting Domenech at half-time in their 2-0 defeat by Mexico in their Group A game in Polokwane on Thursday.

"I had another chat with him and left open the possibility for him to apologise," said the 57-year-old.
The player's crude remarks were printed on the front page of French sports daily L'Equipe on Saturday and later that day the French Football Federation decided to send Anelka home.
"People don't imagine the pressure we have," the coach said when asked why Anelka had insulted him. "When the coach makes remarks, a player can lose his nerve and have words."
"We are in a dressing room, the coach says something to a player who is already under pressure, he can react angrily, and with strong words.
"He did not react in the most suitable fashion. But it was just a guy sitting in his corner and muttering - that would not have mattered had it stayed there.
What was important was that it made the front page of a newspaper, and that exposes the internal life of the squad."
"There's a tiny chance," said Domenech, aware that a draw between Mexico and Uruguay would put both France and the hosts out of the tournament. "We must win, score goals and hope things go our way."

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